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Maintaining a longstanding market presence requires us to be constantly active on behalf of the company, to create long-term relations, to generate profits and to implement upgrades. Ethics and corporate responsibility are to us, as a family endeavor, the basic principles of the company. These principles are the basis not only of our client, employee, supplier or other customer relations, but are also essential with regards to the environment and resources.

Our clients are at the center of our operations. Therefore, we aim to meet client expectations by offering them a dependable partner, innovative products and services of the highest quality, which allows us to build stable, long-lasting relationships. We therefore utilize manufacturing equipment and procedures that meet the requirements of cutting edge technology, whilst placing our utmost efforts on improving efficiency and quality.

Our suppliers greatly influence the creation of our end products. Therefore, we select our production material suppliers meticulously, as well as those providing us with our auxiliary materials and consumables, while the quality and flexibility of our suppliers is under constant control. We foster long-term, friendly and effective relations with our suppliers.

Our employees are highly committed to attending to the needs of our clients and of cooperating companies. We bear a special responsibility to our employees, thus through training, courses and other such actions aimed at enhancing qualifications we strive to motivate them and prepare them as expertly as possible to carry out their tasks. Work safety and improvement of work conditions are essential to us.

Innovation is a never-ending task. This applies not only to internal processes but also to our future products and services, in reference to which we concentrate our efforts on the newest solutions in order to utilize products in various application areas. Our innovations lead to strengthening our market position.

Our environment must be protected. That is why we use resources efficiently and promote use of environmentally-friendly production materials in our manufacturing process. Similarly, waste management is carried out with the use of the most environmentally-friendly methods available.

The above principles should serve as our motto:

We will work constantly to improve our company, satisfy customers, guarantee safe workplaces and sustain the economic success of our company – both now and in the future.


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