Jazzonalia 28th Jazz Festival in Konin 11-13.06.2021r.

For the ninth time, Gebhardt Stahl Polska had the pleasure to support the Konin Jazzonalia, organized by the local house of culture.

17 Jun 2021
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Jubilee match of KKPK Medyk Konin

Gebhardt Stahl Poland had the pleasure to financially support the jubilee match of KKPK Medyk Konin, which was the crowning of its 35th anniversary.

20 Jul 2020
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Gebhardt Stahl Polska works in a new office building

At the end of May this year, Gebhardt Stahl Polska received official permission to use the newly built office building with an area of over 740 sq m

23 Jun 2020
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Leaders ready for both the good and the bad

Representatives of the Lubuski and Wielkopolski Business Gazelles are happy with the current market prosperity and declare that they do not fear a weakening of the trend.

02 Feb 2018
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XIX Gala of the Konin Poviat. The statuettes have been given away!

At the end of December 2017. at the request of the Commune Office in the Old Town, we were asked to award a prize for activities for the development of the Konin poviat in the "Economy" category.

29 Jan 2018
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