Opening of a new hall

On 17th November 2017, the grand opening of the new warehouse-production hall of Gebhardt Stahl Polska took place. The occasion hosted many distinguished guests, such as the mayor of Stare Miasto Ryszard Nawrocki, the Konin county head Stanisław Bielik, the Konin vice-president Sebastian Łukaszewski, as well as many clients, contractors, subcontractors and company employees.

The newly built hall covers a space of 1600 m2, which used a total of 111 tonnes of steel and 500 m3 of concrete during construction, while 3800 running metres of electrical cable were laid down. 30% of this new investment was funded from the company's own resources, while a further 70% came for external capital, reaching a total of 3 million zlotys. Thanks to this expansion, the company has created 5 new full-time workplaces.

Gebhardt Stahl Polska is involved in steel profile production for PVC windows and ventilation elements. As the company chairman, Sylvester Nierebinski, has pointed out the steel consumption during production processes will increase to almost 16 thousand tonnes in 2017, while further expansion will mean additional growth in the coming years.

The event was accompanied by the presentation of the works of illustrious Konin artist Izabela Kostiukow, who for many years now has been a close partner of Gebhardt Stahl Polska's cultural undertakings.

During a meeting at the Centrum Analiz Branżowych in Warsaw, an agency that specialises in woodwork market research in Poland and other European countries, the analysis results were released concerning window woodwork, the economic perspectives for European Union countries in 2017-2018 and window and door sales forecasts for 2018.

The dancers of the FART KONIN Dance and Ballet School, under the tutelage of Joanna Położyńska, a champion gymnast and sport pole dancer, prepared a special performance for the participants of the event. This was the final official point of the meeting.



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