Gebhardt Stahl Polska is an integral part of the holding company Gebhardt Stahl GmbH with headquarters in Werl (Germany), a leading manufacturer of special profiles as well as ventilation elements, which have been ordering clients from almost all over the world for over forty years.
Its founder - Manfred Gebhardt was an outstanding entrepreneur, visionary, traveler, politician and an excellent expert on the steel market.

In 2001, he also founded the Gebhardt Stahl Polska company in the Stare Miasto near Konin, which since mid-2006 manufactures steel profiles for PVC window systems and offers ventilation elements, roller blinds and blinds manufactured by Gebhardt Stahl GmbH.

Since the launch of the first production machine in May 2006, the company has expanded the customer base both in Poland and abroad, which has increased the need for more space for logistics and warehousing. In this way, with the already existing company in the Modła Królewska, the extension of the warehouse hall, whose total area amounts to 4,200 m2, began.

Gebhardt Stahl Polska employs 53 employees, processes approx. 20 thousand tons of steel a year and constantly prepares further activities increasing production efficiency, to increase the satisfaction of the final customer.

Our goal is to offer the producers comprehensive service, reinforcements "from A to Z". We also try to satisfy all system operators, including those requiring specialist profiles for both hinged and lifting-sliding doors.

We remember that the company achieves the set goal thanks to the team of people who are the most important for it.


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