GEBHARDT STAHL Polska produces all GEBHARDT STAHL products in optimal quality in the Polish Old Town with German know-how. Customers in Poland and numerous clients in other eastern countries benefit from this.

  • 2001 Foundation of the company by Manfred Gebhardt
  • 2006 Investments in warehouse halls and production installations (2300m²)
  • 2017 extension of the hall by 1600 m²
  • 2020 extension and conversion of an office and staff building 457 m2


4 production lines
1 cutting line

Currently: 53 employees

Processing 20000 tons of steel per year

GEBHARDT STAHL has been producing metal profiles in its Werl plant for over 45 years. As an innovative medium-sized enterprise, it is specialized in the production of reinforcement profiles for plastic windows and in the field of air duct technology.

  • 1973 Establishment of the company by Manfred Gebhardt
  • 1990 Investments in warehouse and production facilities (2000m²)
  • 1993 Extension of production and storage space up to the size of 5000m²
  • 2002 Construction of an office building with an office area of approx. 800m²
  • 2009 Completion of the construction of a new warehouse and production hall (4500m²)
  • 2010 Foundation of Gebhardt-Stahl Afrika in Tunis, Tunisia
  • 2017 Commencement of the expansion of a production and warehouse hall with an area of 7000 m²
  • 2020 1500 clients; Turnover 110 Million Euro

10 production lines

Currently: 190 employees


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