Special systems

Steel reinforcements can be used not only in windows and doors made from synthetic materials. They also have application – which is often overlooked – in many other products. This includes lift-slide doors, windows and doors with sliding wings, folding shutter systems, elements attached to window shutters, awning systems, winter garden systems, eaves, glass walls or elevation elements, as well as many other products. All of these require steel reinforcement sections.


We constantly work on developing sections suitable to all of your required applications. That is why Gebhardt-Stahl, apart from the widely used steel reinforcement, also offers several special sections as case-specific solutions.


Steel flat bars

A steel flat bar is a simple yet quick solution for glass fibre reinforcement. It is extremely essential for its static qualities when using triple glazing and / or especially large elements. In addition, the use of a steel flat bar improves statics in the direction of wind load. It is also often a vital aspect when engineering windows.


  • availability for all systems
  • supplied in numerous dimensions from 16,5 x 2,0 mm to 140 x 10 mm; many versions are readily available in the warehouse
  • supplied without perforation or pre-perforated


Alternative materials to steel flat bars

Alternative materials to steel flat bars, developed by the company Gebhardt-Stahl, is a pre-perforated alternative to the typical glass fibre reinforcement with the use of steel flat bars. Our alternative material introduces statics for large elements with triple glazing.


  • quick and easy processing
  • cost and work input savings as compared to the typical steel flat bars
  • no drilling of holes necessary
  • the possibility of additional assembly and availability for all systems


Oil-free steel upon delivery

Reinforcement sections are essential for static purposes and are welcome solutions, for example when putting screws into frames. However, sometimes it is recommended to not screw in through steel: when screw connections through steel are not necessary - making holes takes place more quickly, drill bits have a much longer lifespan, burning filings are pulled out that could cause damages to the synthetic material.


In order not to be forced to compromise in terms of statics, Gebhardt-Stahl offers steel that is oil-free upon delivery as alternative material for standard reinforcements for door and window wings.


  • alternative material for standard reinforcement of door and window wings
  • drilling holes through steel is no longer necessary
  • less filings and fewer scratches on synthetic materials during production
  • fitting recesses do not need to be prepared
  • available for many door or window wing sections
  • simplifies assembly
  • can decrease production times


Static roller sections

Large, relatively wide windows, such as double-winged self-sealing windows and self-sealing patio doors, often have static issues. This is also noticeable with larger windows made from synthetic materials that possess boxes for outer roller-shutters on both sides. To assist with this problem, Gebhardt-Stahl has developed static roller sections, which offer these parts the required stability.


  • ideal statics of windows from synthetic materials that are equipped on both sides with roller shutter boxes
  • an alternative for sturdier casing sections, optionally for steel flat bars
  • much better statics of the static roller section than with alternatives
  • reliable in stabilizing large window elements
  • pre-perforated for easy assembly
  • available for many synthetic material window systems


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