Vineyard stakes for growing grapes

FRUCTUS C   Nr art.
Standard lengths: 2,30 m
2,50 m
2,70 m
290 022 001
290 023 001
290 024 001
Standard thickness: 1,5 mm  
Recommended depth placement into earth: 60-70 cm  
Standard zinc coating (on both sides) 50 μm  

An overlook of benefits

  • Innovative shape and high-end durability
  • Wire slots for easy and fast use
  • Innovative hook prevents the wire from exserting itself
  • Long economic lifetime and maintenance-free
  • Cheap solution
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Placement into the ground by machine or by hand
  • Serves as a utility model

Tradition and know-how

Gebhardt-Stahl's strengths are know-how and a young mindset. And so it has been since 1973. Thanks to state-of-the-art cylinder equipment, laser technology, CAD systems and strong focus on the needs of clients, we develop solutions custom-made in all fields of steel section use.

Gebhardt-Stahl innovation

The technological innovation of Gebhardt-Stahl: FRUCTUS C.

The unique characteristic of these stakes are hooks that carry the side wire and reliably keep the wires in the right position. The special hook with jagged edges prevents the wires from being exserted upwards.

Vineyard stakes for growing grapes FRUCTUS by Gebhardt-Stahl thanks to its special structure it retains shape even under extreme duress. The stakes can be quickly and easily placed into the ground by hand or by mechanical means.

Various versions

Vineyard stakes for growing grapes are supplied in standard version with zinc coating Z600. This means 600 g of zinc per square meter of surface, thus allowing for higher longevity. For further details, please ask for our data sheets. For larger orders we can also supply single zinc plated FRUCTUS C stakes on request. Please feel free to send your enquiry.

The technological innovation of Gebhardt-Stahl: FRUCTUS C.


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